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RUBIQ Out-Of-The-Box Maturity Assessments

Rapidly identify your organisations ‘as is’ strengths and weaknesses

The RUBIQ Maturity Assessments have been designed and developed in partnership with industry leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to rapidly identify an organisations state of maturity within each of the below content verticals.

In todays world nothing stands still and so our contents are continuously kept up to date and relevant with changes in compliances, standards, regulations and best practice.



Brief Description

IT Risk and Governance

65 key elements tested across 6 sections covering 11 standards

Focus on maturity relating to critical aspects of governance, control, process, strategy, approach, monitoring, business resilience considerations and reporting aligned to numerous key leading IT frameworks and standards, such as NIST, CIS, ISF, Cobit 2019 as well as leading governance principles within King IV and other governance best practices.

Information Security

(ISO 27001/2)

Covers all ISO 27001 clauses plus 114 Annex A controls (Clause Only and Full Assessments available)

ISO 27001 is a foundation standard for good practice in information security management. The maturity assessment asks critical questions relating to clauses 4 to 10 of the standard.

Information Privacy

Built on PoPIA and GDPR

77 key elements across 11 sections comprehensively covering PoPIA and GDPR, as well as others*.

Kenya DP Data Protection Act. No 24 of 2019

Botwana Data Protection Act 2018

California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (CCPA)

With the state of rapidly evolving and expanding cyber risk and the daunting regulatory requirements of GDPR and PoPIA, as well as numerous other privacy regulations being developed around the world, the risks associated with handling customer data and failing can be devastating. Organisations must address governance, process, control over identification, management and handling of personal information throughout every function within the business to ensure effective privacy management.

Enterprise GRC

79 key elements tested across 7 sections covering 8 standards/best practice/compliances

20 years on and the activities of Governance, Risk and Compliance continue to be managed in a decentralised and siloed fashion. This approach exists even though many of the GRC activities relating to enterprise risk, strategic risk, compliance risk, quality risk, environmental risk, OHS and BCM cross over one another in policy, governance and accountability, process, reporting, control management, data insights and many other areas. Organisations managing these functions in silos create volumes of duplicate work and over tax resources, whilst missing key indicators due to decentralised information and management approaches.

Directors Duties

67 key elements tested across 17 sections covering 8 standards/ compliances/good practice guides

This content allows organisations to focus on the individual maturity of these critical requirements for each executive and Non-executive director. The content relates to critical aspects of governance, integrity, leadership, ethics, control, process, strategy and performance and monitoring and reporting. The assessment is aligned to numerous key ethics and governance frameworks, guides, standards and legislation such as the Companies Act, Financial Markets Act, ISO 31000, JSE Rules and Directives as well as leading governance principles within King IV and other governance best practices.


(ISO 45001)

Fully covers clauses 4 to 10 of the standard

An Occupational Health and Safety Management System is a fundamental part of your organisations risk management strategy. Why? Well because it helps you to protect and enhance your organisations most valuable asset – your employees – to drive business excellence, increase organisational resilience, strengthen regulatory and legal compliance and demonstrate responsibility by aligning your organisational OHSMS to ISO 45001.

RUBIQ Maturity Assessment Journey

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RUBIQ Maturity Assessment Pricing

Single Entity Assessments

Detailed reports with SME commentary, PDF dashboards and benchmark reporting

Assessment Price for first
assessment (ZAR)
Each additional assessment
(up to max of 4)
IT Risk & Governance 3 500.00 1 200.00
ISO 27001 - Information Security (Lite - Clauses Only) 2 000.00 750.00
ISO 27001 - Information Security (Full) 3 500.00 1 200.00
Information Privacy 3 500.00 1 200.00
Enterprise GRC 3 500.00 1 200.00
Directors Duties 3 500.00 1 200.00
ISO 45001 - OHS 3 500.00 1 200.00


Prices exclude South African VAT of 15%.

Prices reflected are once-off.

A 10% discount is applied where more than 1 type of maturity assessment is selected (i.e. IT Risk and Governance + Information Privacy).

50% of the total price must be settled before links to the maturity assessments are sent from RUBIQ. The remaining 50% in order to receive the reporting pack and feedback.

Enterprise Solutions or Advisory Engagement

If you and your organisation have any of the requirements in the points below please let us know through the contact us form. Within 24 hours one of our RUBIQ experts will be in touch to understand your needs and provide you with personalised pricing that is cost effective and fits your organisation.

You would like to roll-out more than 5 maturity assessments for a specific content area.

You are a large group or holding company and you would like to understand how RUBIQ can be rolled out to the various business units / subsidiaries / divisions as well as how the process works.

You are a single entity but would like advisory services on-top of the standard maturity assessment rollout and reporting.

You would like to execute a full ISO 27001 certification readiness or PoPIA / GDPR alignment project.

You would like to discuss bespoke needs.

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Maturity Assessment Insights and Intelligence

(As delivered per assessment option selected)


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Overall Maturity Score and descriptions of each maturity level

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Single Entity Assessments

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Detailed reports per assessment completed. SME comments per section and overall. Detailed section breakdowns and element scores

Static PDF dashboards as standard with option to access digital dashboards and BI as an add-on

Benchmark reporting

Enterprise Solutions

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Includes all outputs and insights per single entity as well as the following, as our standard process and output:
The maturities are rolled out across the group at both a business unit / divisional level as well as employee hierarchy levels(this is the recommended approach but can be tailored to the organisation and needs)

The richness of data collected through this exercise enables extensive data analysis, which, when combined with RUBIQ expertise and experience, tells a story of the true maturity through the organisation at varying levels and as a whole.

Advisory: The RUBIQ experts compile executive reporting which includes major findings and concerns, recommendations and a suggested roadmap forward. This is presented directly to the client by our senior experts.

RUBIQ Maturity Assessments